Teaching Art Workshops - Art of the Carolina's, Raleigh, North Carolina

Art of the Carolina’s

November 8 - 11, 2018

I enjoyed teaching painting workshops with Pebeo Paints at Art of the Carolina’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. So amazing to see other’s interpretation of the projects; I always get to learn from my talented students.

2018-11-08 11.49.28-1.jpg

Pebeo Liquid Oil Paint and Resin Geode Painting Workshop

Pebeo Fantasy Frangipani Flower Painting Workshop

Pebeo 4Artist Oil Paint Marker City Rain Painting Workshop

It was also such a thrill to sit with accomplished artist Jeanne Rhea for a chat about her process of painting with alcohol inks, acrylic paints, oil paint markers and the way she stacks them all between layers of resin. Her new geometrics series of paintings has drawn an incredible amount of attention from art collectors and critical acclaim from her galleries. Plus, she gave me a small piece of Jeanne Rhea poured art to bring home! 💖

I wish a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all my students for their terrific work in my classes, and a huge THANK YOU to Pebeo for sponsoring me to teach these workshops. 😍

My Art on Exhibit - Artblend Gallery - ASIAN FUSION GRAFFITI

My Asian Fusion Graffiti Artworks Are On Exhibit at Artblend Gallery

I'm so proud to announce that several of my Asian Fusion Graffiti paintings are on display at Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

If you want to be escorted for a private viewing, email me on Tristina@DietzArt.com or call me on 954-817-2042 to arrange a time to meet at the gallery and view these exciting artworks live. 😃 

My Art on Exhibit - COLORFUL Art Show - TRAX Art Studios

My Colorful Pastel Paintings and Abstract Artworks are on Exhibit at TRAX Art Studios!

Framed and Unframed Colorful Original Pastel Artworks by Tristina Dietz Elmes.

Framed and Unframed Colorful Original Pastel Artworks by Tristina Dietz Elmes.

When: May 9 - June 15th, 2018
Where: TRAX Art Studios, 3540 NE 12th Avenue, Oakland Park, FL 33334

Contact me on Tristina@DietzArt.com or 954-817-2042 for a private showing of my colorful original Pastel paintings and energetic Abstract liquid oil paint artworks. Plus, this art show also includes the stunning paintings of The Love Artist - J Lytle.

Click here to view the SHOW CATALOG and pick your favorite artwork to enhance your home or office decor.

Miami Art Basel Live Painting Event - Dec 2017

Art Basel Miami LIVE Asian Fusion Graffiti Painting

It was such a thrill to be invited by Artblend Gallery to paint LIVE during the Miami Art Basel show on Dec 9th, 2018! Thank you to everyone who came out to watch me paint new Asian Fusion Graffiti style artworks. Check out the pictures below...

And, here's a video from Artblend about Art Basel Miami 2017 showing me painting in the Spectrum tent... 

My Art on Exhibit - InternationalGallery.org - SHOEBOX TREASURES Show

SHOEBOX TREASURES ~ Discovering the Artist Mind

I am soooo excited to be in a very special art show, SHOEBOX TREASURES ~ Discovering the Artist Mind, sponsored by InternationalGallery.org! This exhibit includes me and 3 other fantastic South Florida artists all sharing our most intimate drawings, doodles, sketches, color experiments and other art explorations that lead us in the process to our finished paintings. The journals and notebooks in the big 'shoeboxes' in this show contain the most AMAZING treasures! The SHOEBOX TREASURES show runs March 24th through April 30th. Hope you'll join me to check out this special exhibit ...

When: Friday March 24, 2017 and Friday April 28, 2017 ~ 6-9 pm each night
Where: TRAX Art Studios, 3540 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, Florida 33334
Sponsor: www.InternationalGallery.org
If you can't make it to one of the receptions, just call for a private appointment to see the show: 305-407-1414.

Here is the show brochure so you can get a taste of how awesome this special project art exhibit is (just click on the [ ] in the middle to see the catalog full screen)...

And, below is a finished piece of my artwork beautifully framed on display and available for purchase at the art show (Birds of a, 16" x 20", framed in white to 24" x 28", mixed media on museum board):

My Art on Exhibit - InternationalGallery.org - ART PASSION Show

In celebration of the Month of Love, I will have paintings from both my Keys to Happiness Asian collection and Pastel painting collection on exhibit at TRAX Art Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the ART PASSION show sponsored by InternationalGallery.org. Two receptions will be open to the public:

When: February 10, 2017  &  February 24, 2017  ~  6-9 pm
Where: TRAX Art Studios, 3540 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, Florida 33334

Enjoy my paintings in the show catalog below and contact info@internationalgallery.org if you are interested in purchasing any for your home or office. 😀

My Art on Exhibit - InternationalGallery.org - SEA SONG Catalog

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Fort Lauderdale Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Nov and Dec 2016 to view my solo SEA SONG artwork collection. I am honored to have been sponsored by InternationalGallery.org for this exhibit. They have produced a catalog which you can read below. Contact them at info@internationalgallery.org to inquire about painting details and to check on availability. I appreciate your supporting my art career. Enjoy!

Art Expo NYC April 14 - 17, 2016

It was an exciting time visiting the Art Expo NYC on Pier 94 in Manhattan! Thanks to the Artblend Gallery for displaying my 'White Magic' paintings and getting me the invitation to speak on the ART TALKS Professional Artist's Panel discussion during the show.

My Art on Exhibit - Pelican Grand Beach Resort

Great news! - SEA SONG SHOW EXTENDED through June 28, 2016

I'm honored to have been invited by my friend and Art Patron, Carol Teti-Kessler, to present a solo exhibit of my Sea Song collection paintings in the Petite Gallery of the Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The opening Champagne Reception was on April 1st and the show runs through April 30. Stop by the resort for some fun, sun, great food, and fabulous artwork! All the paintings are available for sale; the hotel reception has prices and can arrange shipping.

Review for "In My Head" - SPECTRUM Miami

"In My Head" Collection, Tristina Dietz Elmes
Curatorial Review by Kate Devereaux
December 2, 2015  |  SPECTRUM Miami

With innovative designs and illuminating color, mixed-media artist Tristina Dietz Elmes breathes life into her large-scale abstract pieces with an innate energy and obvious passion. By using oil and acrylic paints, her work juxtaposes bright, opaque line work with a translucent background and a glossy smooth, begs-to-be-touched finish. In her studio, she lets her love of color guide her when painting thought-provoking works that give viewers a glimpse into her world. With her new series “In My Head,” Dietz Elmes depicts remarkable visual texture with undulating color punctuated by the sensuous curves of ecstatically thrown liquid oil and topped off with bubbles of painted resin. The timeless aesthetic of her paintings in conjunction with their unique composition are intriguing aspects that embody an evolution in today’s Modern Abstraction.

Art Basel Miami Dec 2-6, 2015 - Get FREE Tickets to SPECTRUM

Exciting to see my "In My Head" series paintings ready to head to Miami for the Art Basel Week SPECTRUM Tent Showcase! The Opening Night VIP Preview Party starts tomorrow, Dec 2, from 6-10 PM at the new Spectrum location in the bustling Miami Performing Arts District.  If you or someone you know is in the market to collect new original works of Art, this is the place to be this weekend. See the link below for VIP access to Spectrum including FREE admittance to the show each day and all Spectrum and ArtSPOT VIP Parties. Just look for my works in the ArtBlend booth. Can't wait to meet you there! :-)

Get FREE tickets to all the SPECTRUM show activities HERE.

See Date & Time & Address details in the image below...

My Art On Exhibit - Artblend Gallery

It's such a thrill to visit my artwork and see it stunningly hung and lit in beautiful galleries. Imagine my surprise today when I stopped by the Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to pick up copies of the newest Artblend Magazine... and found my large painting "Into the Blue" in the window! Woo Hoo!

I'm holding the newest Artblend Magazine in my hands that will be in Barnes & Noble for sale soon, and you'll find my painting "In My Head" on page 85. So much excitement today!

If you're in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, October 24, please join me at the Artblend Fall Exhibition Opening Reception from 6-8 pm, 2736 East Oakland Park Blvd, 33306, where you'll get lost in the depths of my painting "Into the Blue" and be mesmerized by the other fantastic artworks in this spectacular space while being entertained by me and my fellow Artists as we sip wine, eat delicious snacks and share stories of wonderment. See you there! :D

My Art On Exhibit - Armory Art Center, WPB, Florida

On Saturday, September 19, I dropped off one of my latest Black Magic series paintings, hot out of the studio, to the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, for the 2+3 Artist's Organization HUMAN IMAGE show. My black and white (and a little grey thrown in for fun) mixed media abstract painting, "Lovers Embrace", will be on exhibit and available for sale from September 26 to October 24, 2015, along with other fabulous artworks by members of my 2+3 professional artist's group.

This exhibit is a must-see! Here are the show details:

On The Bench - A Sea of Passion

As Artists in South Florida are gearing up for the coming winter tourist / buyer / collector season, I am painting my heart out! I have fallen in LOVE with black, white and RED. I'm feeling the maximum contrast in this series punctuated with color speaks to the desire in us to seek out those moments of passion in the sea of our existence within the divine Yin & Yang.

Detail in one of my latest Sea of Passion series paintings.

This Sea of Passion series will all be painted square, beginning with 12 in x 12 in sizes, then moving to 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24, 36 x 36, and 48 x 48. The beauty in the square shape allows for stunning larger 2 x 2 (4 paintings total) row configurations, 3 x 3 (9 paintings total) row configurations, and extended vertical or horizontal positioning to satisfy any interior design space need.  

Clean, crisp, and graphically pleasing, simply use the CONTACT tab on my website to check the Sea of Passion paintings availability or to request a custom commissioned painting or set of paintings. I look forward to satisfying your Artistic desires!

Artist's note - this series has been renamed White Magic.

On The Bench - Slinging Paint

Here's some of what I'm painting in the studio today! Nothing like slinging Pebeo's liquid oil paints to make me feel AWESOME after a week living with the dreaded 'summer cold'. ;D


New painting of Pebeo liquid oils accented with resin "pearls". Part of the In My Head series.

New painting of Pebeo liquid oils on canvas with resin "pearls". Part of the Sea Song series.

Getting Back to My Asian Roots

I grew up in Asia because my father, Don Dietz, was a Chinese linguist for the US Government. This meant he learned to speak, read, write and interpret Chinese! His education in language took place at Yale University in the 1950's compliments of Uncle Sam. I had the delight this week, when I mentioned to him that I was getting ready to have a calligraphy painting session, of looking through his old practice books and materials on classic and 'grass' cursive script characters gathered both at Yale and in Taiwan during our trips there. (Somewhere in my house I have my school calligraphy practice books, too!)

My calligraphy brushes, big and small, along with dad's practice materials and new rice paper just yearning to be painted on...

I so LOVE the feel of the calligraphy brush in my hand and the deliberateness of the character brushstrokes.

In my practice, I start with the books, then branch off into creating artistic script with the flow that naturally emanates from the universe through my hands. Ah, what a beautiful space from which to create... 

Have you ever picked up a calligraphy pen or brush, dipped it in black-as-night ink and set about creating beautiful script? Please share your experience in the comments below. :D

Just Breathe!

I find sometimes that when intensely painting I forget to breathe! This happens most often trying to get just the perfect line along the edge of a canvas. Even my heartbeat moves my hand just enough to wiggle the brush...

Painting the edge of "Floral Fantasy", resin and liquid oils, 16" x 16".

Painting the edge of "Floral Fantasy", resin and liquid oils, 16" x 16".

Guess that means my artwork takes the breath away and makes the heart skip a beat!? Happy Arting!  ;D

Painting the edges of "Black Magic", resin over acrylic, 24" x 24".

Painting the edges of "Black Magic", resin over acrylic, 24" x 24".

On The Bench - Black & White

I think every Artist loves a challenge!? Most of my work involves reds...purples...blues ...bright colors. So imagine my horror when faced with the task of creating black and white paintings to submit to the Broward Art Guild's Black & White show in 2013. Well, in response I surprised myself and created "The Collective" series.

The Collective Series - Us, 2013

The Collective Series - Him, 2013

Fast forward and I have seen lately that black backgrounds have become very popular. I have even been requested by the Pebeo paint folks to create more work on black backgrounds! Here, then, are some of the artworks I created in my studio last week. Enjoy!

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

And, here is my "attempt" to keep-it-simple with Black and Pearl resins on black canvas with a splash of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme. The diptych will be available for purchase soon. :D

Black and Pearl Resin with Fantasy Prisme Diptych 24in x 36in

The Collective Series - Her, 2013

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

Black and Pearl Resin with Fantasy Prisme Diptych Detail