As a Mixed-Media and Encaustic Wax Artist who grew up in Asia, I find beauty in the mundane and can’t help but throw scrumptious papers and other common elements into my works. Calligraphy and personal mark making, found objects, unconventional materials, repurposed art supplies, ephemera and detritus all have a happy way of finding a home in the under-paintings and on the textured surfaces of my art!

The comforting feel of a Chinese bamboo brush and inks, excitement of exotic modern acrylic textures, shiny sleek smoothness of resin, and tantalizing organic aroma of beeswax all draw me in to my studio to create passionately and often. My every brushstroke, drip, drizzle and vigorously thrown paint spatter represents pure ecstasy manifest in an energetic piece of artwork destined to provide enjoyment for a lifetime and beyond.
— Tristina Dietz Elmes