My Art on Exhibit - Artblend Gallery - ASIAN FUSION GRAFFITI

My Asian Fusion Graffiti Artworks Are On Exhibit at Artblend Gallery

I'm so proud to announce that several of my Asian Fusion Graffiti paintings are on display at Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

If you want to be escorted for a private viewing, email me on or call me on 954-817-2042 to arrange a time to meet at the gallery and view these exciting artworks live. 😃 

Miami Art Basel Live Painting Event - Dec 2017

Art Basel Miami LIVE Asian Fusion Graffiti Painting

It was such a thrill to be invited by Artblend Gallery to paint LIVE during the Miami Art Basel show on Dec 9th, 2018! Thank you to everyone who came out to watch me paint new Asian Fusion Graffiti style artworks. Check out the pictures below...

And, here's a video from Artblend about Art Basel Miami 2017 showing me painting in the Spectrum tent... 

Getting Back to My Asian Roots

I grew up in Asia because my father, Don Dietz, was a Chinese linguist for the US Government. This meant he learned to speak, read, write and interpret Chinese! His education in language took place at Yale University in the 1950's compliments of Uncle Sam. I had the delight this week, when I mentioned to him that I was getting ready to have a calligraphy painting session, of looking through his old practice books and materials on classic and 'grass' cursive script characters gathered both at Yale and in Taiwan during our trips there. (Somewhere in my house I have my school calligraphy practice books, too!)

My calligraphy brushes, big and small, along with dad's practice materials and new rice paper just yearning to be painted on...

I so LOVE the feel of the calligraphy brush in my hand and the deliberateness of the character brushstrokes.

In my practice, I start with the books, then branch off into creating artistic script with the flow that naturally emanates from the universe through my hands. Ah, what a beautiful space from which to create... 

Have you ever picked up a calligraphy pen or brush, dipped it in black-as-night ink and set about creating beautiful script? Please share your experience in the comments below. :D

Character Play

Thanks Karen Elaine Thomas of Yasutomo for the lovely Chinese paints and new Mineral Paper for practicing my calligraphy and painting that you gifted me after the University Art U-Create event yesterday in San Jose, California. Also, loved your instructional video on YouTube that reminded me how to paint Bamboo! :D