Review for "In My Head" - SPECTRUM Miami

"In My Head" Collection, Tristina Dietz Elmes
Curatorial Review by Kate Devereaux
December 2, 2015  |  SPECTRUM Miami

With innovative designs and illuminating color, mixed-media artist Tristina Dietz Elmes breathes life into her large-scale abstract pieces with an innate energy and obvious passion. By using oil and acrylic paints, her work juxtaposes bright, opaque line work with a translucent background and a glossy smooth, begs-to-be-touched finish. In her studio, she lets her love of color guide her when painting thought-provoking works that give viewers a glimpse into her world. With her new series “In My Head,” Dietz Elmes depicts remarkable visual texture with undulating color punctuated by the sensuous curves of ecstatically thrown liquid oil and topped off with bubbles of painted resin. The timeless aesthetic of her paintings in conjunction with their unique composition are intriguing aspects that embody an evolution in today’s Modern Abstraction.

My Art On Exhibit - Armory Art Center, WPB, Florida

On Saturday, September 19, I dropped off one of my latest Black Magic series paintings, hot out of the studio, to the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, for the 2+3 Artist's Organization HUMAN IMAGE show. My black and white (and a little grey thrown in for fun) mixed media abstract painting, "Lovers Embrace", will be on exhibit and available for sale from September 26 to October 24, 2015, along with other fabulous artworks by members of my 2+3 professional artist's group.

This exhibit is a must-see! Here are the show details:

On The Bench - A Sea of Passion

As Artists in South Florida are gearing up for the coming winter tourist / buyer / collector season, I am painting my heart out! I have fallen in LOVE with black, white and RED. I'm feeling the maximum contrast in this series punctuated with color speaks to the desire in us to seek out those moments of passion in the sea of our existence within the divine Yin & Yang.

Detail in one of my latest Sea of Passion series paintings.

This Sea of Passion series will all be painted square, beginning with 12 in x 12 in sizes, then moving to 18 x 18, 20 x 20, 24 x 24, 36 x 36, and 48 x 48. The beauty in the square shape allows for stunning larger 2 x 2 (4 paintings total) row configurations, 3 x 3 (9 paintings total) row configurations, and extended vertical or horizontal positioning to satisfy any interior design space need.  

Clean, crisp, and graphically pleasing, simply use the CONTACT tab on my website to check the Sea of Passion paintings availability or to request a custom commissioned painting or set of paintings. I look forward to satisfying your Artistic desires!

Artist's note - this series has been renamed White Magic.

Just Breathe!

I find sometimes that when intensely painting I forget to breathe! This happens most often trying to get just the perfect line along the edge of a canvas. Even my heartbeat moves my hand just enough to wiggle the brush...

Painting the edge of "Floral Fantasy", resin and liquid oils, 16" x 16".

Painting the edge of "Floral Fantasy", resin and liquid oils, 16" x 16".

Guess that means my artwork takes the breath away and makes the heart skip a beat!? Happy Arting!  ;D

Painting the edges of "Black Magic", resin over acrylic, 24" x 24".

Painting the edges of "Black Magic", resin over acrylic, 24" x 24".

California Inspiration

Pebeo Liquid Alkyd Oil paints: Vitrail, Vitrail Glitter, Fantasy Prisme and Fantasy Moon on canvas.

When visiting Sacramento, Redwood City and San Jose art stores for University Art last week, I had the delight to create these sample artworks on the fly using Pebeo Resins and Liquid Alkyd Oil paints. Paintings are 10 in x 10 in and 9 in x 12 in. Use the CONTACT tab if you would like me to create a commission painting for you of any size using these paintings as inspiration with your colors!

Pebeo Liquid Alkyd Oil paints (Vitrail, Fantasy Moon, and Fantasy Prisme) plus Resin "bubbles" on canvas.

Pebeo Liquid Alkyd Oil paints (Vitrail, Fantasy Moon, and Fantasy Prisme) in a Pebeo Liquid Art Panel.