On The Bench - Black & White

I think every Artist loves a challenge!? Most of my work involves reds...purples...blues ...bright colors. So imagine my horror when faced with the task of creating black and white paintings to submit to the Broward Art Guild's Black & White show in 2013. Well, in response I surprised myself and created "The Collective" series.

The Collective Series - Us, 2013

The Collective Series - Him, 2013

Fast forward and I have seen lately that black backgrounds have become very popular. I have even been requested by the Pebeo paint folks to create more work on black backgrounds! Here, then, are some of the artworks I created in my studio last week. Enjoy!

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

And, here is my "attempt" to keep-it-simple with Black and Pearl resins on black canvas with a splash of Pebeo Fantasy Prisme. The diptych will be available for purchase soon. :D

Black and Pearl Resin with Fantasy Prisme Diptych 24in x 36in

The Collective Series - Her, 2013

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

Black Resin and Fantasy Paints over Collage

Black and Pearl Resin with Fantasy Prisme Diptych Detail